Monday, January 27, 2014

Samsung readies Galaxy Gear 2, gears up for Galaxy Glass launch

Is the name Galaxy Glass just a tad bit too similar to Google Glass, and if so, will Google sue? We could find out, if a report in Monday's GigaOm is correct.

The report detailed not just what it called Galaxy Glass smart eyewear, similar to Google Glass, but the Galaxy Gear 2, the second generation of smart watch from the Korean giant. Responding to the criticism over its original product, Samsung is said to feature a completely new design.

According to a source, Samsung is swapping out “all the parts that looked dull or boring,” without saying without saying exactly what that means. While that is pretty vague, Samsung is said to be using a flexible OLED screen, as opposed to the original's Super AMOLED display panel.

A March or April release date is being bandied about too, which could be pretty significant: that would be the customary time that Samsung would release a new Galaxy S device, such as the upcoming Galaxy S5.

That would be an interesting turn of events and could prove annoying to early Gear adopters: The Galaxy Gear smartwatch was introduced in September.

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