Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Images leak, showing off Nokia's 'Normandy' Android phone UI

We wrote about Nokia's "Normandy" Android phone earlier, and on Wednesday, some of the UI became public knowledge. Evleaks posted images of the Nokia Android smartphone UI on Twitter on Wednesday, and although it's unclear what will happen to the project once Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's device business closes, what is clear is that Nokia has (or had) gotten pretty far along in development.

The leaked screens -- three of them -- show what appears to be a preloaded version of Skype (a Microsoft division, don't ya know) as well as various other features such as lock screen notifications and a colorful dialer screen that uses the sort of brightly colored tiles that are apparent in the Windows Phone 8 UI design.

As we noted earlier, "Normandy" is based on Android. However, like's FireOS for its Kindle Fires, "Normandy" is forked and heavily customized. Visually, it doesn't look like Android, and a Nokia source even said back in mid-December that the software has a look somewhat similar to Windows Phone, certainly more than Asha.

A heavily customized Android version, though, might mean that Nokia -- like -- would not gain access to the Play Store or Google services, which are normally distributed with the platform.

Earlier, Nokia said that it chose Windows Phone over Android because it feared that one OEM would monopolize Google's mobile OS. That has, in fact, happened, with Samsung controlling the lion's share of the Android market.

That being said, it appears that Nokia decided to hedge its bets. We doubt this phone will ever see the light of day, though, as Microsoft certainly not approve a phone that uses Android.

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