Friday, January 24, 2014

Apple to fix iOS 7 WSOD / BSOD bug in upcoming release

Apple has promised to fix a problem that has been "bugging" end users since iOS 7 launched, Mashable reported on Wednesday. The so-called "white screen / black screen of death" (WSOD / BSOD) will be addressed in an iOS 7 update, the company said.

It's unclear if Apple was referring to iOS 7.1 -- which is currently in beta testing, with beta 4 released to developers on Monday -- or in a 7.0.5 release. It's also possible that Apple meant iOS 7.1.x.

An Apple spokesperson said:
We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.
The bug, which first surfaced on Apple's support forums way back in September. One post describes the issue as follows:
Has shut down various times of the day, at least 5 times since iOS7 during various tasks, from talking to Siri to ending a phone call. Takes about 3-4 minutes and automatically restarts from white screen w/ Apple logo. Can't do anything in between those 3-4 minutes.
Reportedly, when hit with the bug, a white iPhone produces a white boot up screen with a black Apple logo, while a black iPhone boots with a black screen and a white Apple logo.

Some users have reported -- as in some of the initial comments in the thread -- that the sudden shutdown occurs once the iPhone’s battery level drops below 30 percent remaining.

iOS 7.1, which is the most likely release vehicle for this fix, will reportedly unlock "iOS in the car" features, minor UI and design changes, and bug fixes.

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