Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two million compromised login credentials found on Pony Botnet server

A Pony Botnet server has been found sporting two million stolen Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and ADP passwords, the security team at Trustwave's SpiderLabs revealed in a blog post on Tuesday.

The credentials were connected to some 318,121 Facebook accounts, 59,549 Yahoo accounts, 54,437 Google accounts, and 21,708 Twitter accounts. Most alarming, though, was the domain placed at number nine in the list of compromised accounts. It was ADP, which is one of the largest providers of payroll services, servicing most Fortune 500 businesses and at least 620,000 businesses globally.

Fortunately, there were less than 8,000 such credentials stolen.

It seems, though, to be affected the user has to have his computer infected. The Pony Botnet controller is a spy and keylogging type of malware; it captures the login credentials of infected users when they access applications and Internet sites.

Take that to heart: Computer users, even Mac users, should always have updated antivirus software on their systems.

As you might expect, based on past such password leaks, users continue to use terrible passwords. The most common passwords were 123456, 123456789, 1234, and the word "password."

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