Friday, December 06, 2013

Technical foul: Xbox One, PS4 sports games issue penalties for profanity

A technical foul has been issued for both Xbox One and PS4 sports games. Apparently, both video consoles have a form of Big Brother watching, or rather listening, to your gameplay and will issue warnings or fouls during sports games if you swear (as reported by Slate on Wednesday).

In one case, an Xbox One user posted a YouTube video (embedded) showing the game "NBA 2K14" giving him a technical foul after he swore during gameplay.

PS4 fanboys take note: The same feature exists in the PS4 version of the game. At least, however, it isn't there out of the box, as unlike the Xbox One, which ships with a Kinect unit, the PS4 keeps its price lower by not shipping the PS4 Camera with the base unit.

NBS 2K14 isn't the only game that has such realism. As shown above, "FIFA 14" has it, as well. The image above shows he a warning sent to a game player from his "club's board of directors" that warned him that he is an ambassador of the club and thus must cut down on his swearing.

Historically, this isn't new. Even way back to text-based adventure games like -- Adventure -- games would react if sweared at. Even Apple's Siri will respond to swearing. Cuss at iOS' personal assistant and it will respond, "There's no need for profanity." Samsung's S Voice, on the other hand, will respond "You sound upset."

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