Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Google Glass XE12 firmware adds 'wink to take picture,' preps for iOS MyGlass app

No more need for "Winky" for Google Glass users. On Tuesday, Google pushed out a new firmware update for Google Glass, X12. Among the new additions for Google Glass is the "wink to take a photo" feature, but also coming is iOS support.

"Winky," for those unaware, was released more than seven months ago by developer Mike DiGiovanni, allow users to take a photo with a wink of the eye. Now, with XE12, the feature is built-into the OS; it will be interesting to see how the two implementations differ.

One thing is already different about Google's implementation. The company said that the Wink feature, an exploratory one, requires a device purchased or swapped after Oct. 28th, 2013. The company claims that Wink takes a shot faster than even the camera button or voice action; it also works even when the display is off.

Although Google Glass has at its heart Android, that doesn't mean that Google is ignoring those users on Apple's iOS platform. The company also said that XE12 paves the way for the release of the MyGlass app in the App Store. MyGlass, naturally, allows you to configure and manage your Glass device, but has been limited to Android.

Google said that MyGlass will appear in the App Store later this week, Apple willing, of course.

Other new, but less newsworthy features include the the ability to access Hangouts and upload a video to YouTube, introduction of a lock screen, as well some changes to the Google Music service.

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