Friday, December 06, 2013

Century 21 preps for Amazon Prime Air with their 'C21 Delivery Landing Pads'

If Amazon Prime Air ever comes to fruition, Century 21 homebuyers will be ready. The realtor posted a YouTube video (embedded) on Thursday, one which showed the company has a sense of humor. The video portrayed a so-called C21 Delivery Landing Pad.

The idea, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, is for Century 21 clients to enhance their homes with a ready-made Amazon Prime Air landing pad. In an email to the media (such as us), Century 21 said that the Landing Pad was
[...] the latest must-have for anyone looking to enhance the appeal of their property to prospective buyers this winter [...] This bright, easy-to-install landing pad makes the perfect accessory for every 21st century home.
Amazon Prime Air is not available and may never be. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the Internet retailer, spoke about it on Sunday's "60 Minutes." As described, it would allow the company to perform 30 minute deliveries to customers by using octocopters to deliver packages under five pounds in weight, which constitute 86 percent of the company's orders, Bezos added.

Of course, all the regulatory red tape as well as issues involved in just making the idea economically feasible made most scoff. Still, a later report noted that package delivery service UPS is trialing the same idea.

Despite that, many believe that's reveal of Amazon Prime Air, which it says is years away, was timed perfectly to provide free advertising for Cyber Monday.

Meanwhile, Century 21's C21 Delivery Landing Pad is an obvious spoof of the original idea. Who knows, though. Years ago the cell phone or the Internet would never have been considered as possible.

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