Thursday, November 14, 2013

Protected from an early sale: NZ Xbox One console guarded by sharks

Microsoft's new Xbox One video gaming console was supposed to launch on Nov. 22, but a mix-up at Target meant that 150 consoles shipped to buyers early. Don't expect other such leaks, and don't expect anything to happen to the singular Xbox One console that was supposed to be the first to sell on Nov. 22: that Xbox One is being protected by sharks, GameSpot reported on Wednesday.

We're not talking about sharks in a literary manner. Instead, this particular Xbox One console is housed at a shark tank at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand. Taking time zones into account, New Zealand would be the first place to offer official sales on Nov. 22.

On Nov. 22, Microsoft will hold a midnight launch party at Shed 10 in Auckland. Following that, Sydney Harbor will be lit up for the launch of Microsoft's next generation video gaming console. Microsoft's Xbox One is launching a week after Sony's PlayStation 4, which launches on Nov. 15.

New Zealand's Xbox One is currently being held in a water-resistant container in a tank populated by sand tiger sharks. The sand tiger shark is also known as the grey nurse shark, spotted ragged-tooth shark, or blue-nurse sand tiger. According to Wikipedia, it is the most widely kept shark in public aquariums due to its large size and tolerance for captivity.

All man-eating references aside (and according to Wikipedia, the sand tiger shark is "a relatively placid and slow-moving shark with no confirmed human fatalities"), the Xbox One and PS4 are set for fisticuffs this holiday shopping season. Both have their fan bases, but it will remain to be seen which one attracts the most sales.

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