Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Google Glass eyewear focuses on music with new features

It's no secret that Google's Glass smart eyewear runs on Android, and it's been discovered that Google Play Music can be sideloaded onto the device after its recent X11 update (and that it works). That discovery makes a lot of sense: According to a New York Times report (via Gizmodo), Glass will be getting a number of music-related features on Tuesday.

Although not official at the time of this writing, the new feature set will allow Glass to search for music, scan through saved playlists and listen to music. To do so, it will leverage the aforementioned Google Play Music app.

For a couple of months, Glass Users have been able to ask Glass "what song is this?" via Sound Search, a feature that acts like Shazam or SoundHound by identifying a song playing in the vicinity.

When Google Glass boots, it will display “listen to” among its standard voice commands, which already include functions like “take a picture” and search on Google. Users will be able to name a song or artist and then stream that music through Google Play Music.

By linking their Play accounts, users will be able to access to playlists and song recommendations based on prior listening habits.

Google is again getting into hardware, too, as it will introduce a set of earbud headphones designed specifically for Glass by the end of the month. Those will sell for $85.

As Google continues to add functionality to Glass, one big thing stands in the way of true usefulness: Battery life. The device is notoriously power-sapping, though this may improve with retail vs. Explorer Edition devices.

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