Friday, October 11, 2013

iPhone 5s owners plagued by BSODs and reboots

iPhone 5s users are seeing something that Apple fans have long mocked Microsoft for: the Blue Screen of Death. As reported by The Verge on Friday, the issues seem to occur mostly with Apple's own iWorks app, which comes free with all new iOS devices..

The problems seem to be iPhone 5s specific, and after a blank BSOD -- which differs from Microsoft's, which is full of arcane technical lingo (shown) -- the 5s devices reboot.

Several threads exist at Apple's support forums, and a user even uploaded a video showing the BSOD to, ironically, YouTube, which is the video arm of Google, the company behind iOS' big rival, Android.

So far, Apple has not made a public statement about the problem, but it has already released two iOS updates since iOS 7 was released, one of which downloaded to iPhone 5s and 5c devices right after customers activated them.

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