Monday, October 07, 2013

Are Samsung's Galaxy Gear ads outdated, or cool?

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched into retail last week, and to mixed reviews. Also launching were video ads for the device, but while The Verge said on Sunday that they were "cool," TechCrunch instead blasted them, saying the ads showed that the Galaxy Gear was a "dated" concept.

One ad, "A Long Time Coming," shows scenes from various -- and yes, old -- science fictions movies and TV series, including "Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home," "Get Smart," "The Jetsons," "Marine Boy," "Dick Tracy," and many more. Eventually, you'll see Samsung's tagline, “The Next Big Thing is Here.”

The second ad, "Evolution," shows prototypes, again from various sci-fi shows and movies, before again displaying the text “The Next Big Thing is Here.”

While The Verge called the ads "cool," and a trip down memory lane, TechCrunch took a totally opposite stance. The site hammered Samsung, saying that by showing a nostalgic look at past smartwatches from movies and TV, it showed just how blase and outdated the concept was.

The thing is, if it is so outdated, why are smartwatches and other wearable tech only now beginning to make an impact.

A quick look at the comments at the TC story shows that many don't agree.

What about you readers? Do you think the smartwatch is passe? If so, what of the rumored iWatch? Will it be great simply because it is an Apple, not Samsung product?

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