Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Samsung counters gold iPhone 5s with two gold Galaxy S4 variants

Goldfinger -- no, no, it's not Goldfinger. It's a gold Galaxy S4, and Samsung has taken note of the ruckus over the gold iPhone 5s and countered with its own, as they tweeted on Wednesday.

There are two different gold versions of the device. One is Gold Pink and one is Gold Brown (see above). It seems as though these are simply cosmetic updates to the Galaxy S4, which is Samsung's current flagship device.

Accusations shouldn't fly about Samsung copying Apple's gold color after the device was launched at a press conference some two weeks ago. However, rumors were rampant about the champagne gold color long before Apple made the device real.

Notably, it's unclear if these colors will ever make their way out of the Middle East. However, Samsung need only look at iPhone 5s sales figures to determine if it wants to do so.

On launch day, the gold iPhone 5S was in extremely short supply. In our own personal experience, customer service personnel told us only five devices -- total -- had been available at the store we went to. Since then, Apple has asked its suppliers to ramp up production.

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