Monday, September 09, 2013

Purported blue iPhone 5C shows up in online video

A 15-second long (or short) video showing what is purported to be a blue iPhone 5C was released to the Internet on Monday (C Technology, via MacRumors).

The video appears to show a powered-on device. The video is so short that viewers are unable to see enough to truly validate the device's physical design, instead revealing only the blue edges of the alleged iPhone 5C. If legitimate, the video would further confirm Apple's aspirations for a colorful, lower-cost device to push back against low-cost Android phones in emerging markets.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5C on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at a press event the Cupertino, Calif.-based company announced last week. Apple is also expected to debut the iPhone 5S, this year's flagship device, which will be mostly unchanged from the iPhone 5, but will include an improved camera, faster processor, fingerprint reader, and iOS 7.

The 5S might sport a champagne gold color, too.

The iPhone 5C, meanwhile, uses C to represent color (so rumor says). It will come with a plastic shell in various colors, and will be "lower-cost." Most analysts, to this point, believe that means it will sell for $300 - $400 off contract.

The iPhone 5C may end Apple's practice of selling the prior year's iPhone at a lower price, as it is expected to sport iPhone 5 internals. That would make the iPhone 5 seem superfluous, but nothing is certain until Apple announces it, and all information to this point is strictly rumor-based.

However, last year's iPhone 5 predictions were very much on target, as Apple's veil of secrecy appears to have begun leaking more readily in recent years.

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