Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel pranks passersby into thinking an iPad mini is the new iPhone 5S

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel pranked a number of passersby, making them believe an iPhone 4S was really an iPhone 5. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen rather than a 3.5-inch screen, many were fooled. This year, on Tuesday, the day that Apple announced the iPhone 5S and 5C, Kimmel pranked folks again (via YouTube), convincing them that the iPad mini was the new iPhone 5S.

Kimmel said:
While Technophiles will probably be up all night analyzing every detail of the new phones, I believe that most people will not be able to tell the difference between the new models and the old models.
He was right, though strangely so.

Among the highlights of the video are a man who actually held the device to his ear like a phone. Many said they felt the "iPhone 5S" was lighter than the 5, despite being a tablet vs. a phone. In actuality, the iPad mini weighs about three times as much as the 5.

The funniest -- or strangest -- part of the video comes near the end, when a woman is convinced that the newest feature of the iPhone 5S was not Touch ID, but instead "Click it and lick it." Users can tap a button and then lick the screen -- we kid you not -- and taste flavors.

Though the woman being interviewed hesitated, she eventually licked the tablet. She didn't taste anything (no!) at first, saying "I can't really taste it." However, she then goes on and tries again, and this time, success.

One guy actually held the tablet to his ear like a phone while many of the people interviewed said they thought the "iPhone" was lighter than previous models, even though the iPad mini they were holding weighs nearly three times as much as the previous iPhone model.

The highlight of the prank, though, comes toward the end of the video when the staffer convinces one of the people being interviewed that there is a new "click it and lick it" feature, meaning users can tap a button and then lick the screen to taste different flavors.

"Oh, I can taste it!" she said "Oh, that's so weird."

Indeed, it's weird, but weirder still that she managed to taste it.

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