Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple stock surges after as iPhone 5s, 5c launch weekend sets record

Apple stock rose 19 points in early Monday morning (Pacific time) trading (via Google Finance), as news of a record iPhone launch of its 2013 iPhone 5S and 5C devices was published by Apple.

Apple said it sold 9 million iPhones during launch weekend. This easily topped iPhone 5 sales from last year; that then-record was 5 million in sales for the iPhone 5.

That 9 million iPhone figure includes both the 5c and 5s; Apple typically does not break out individual models when it makes such pronouncements. However, most measurements say that the iPhone 5s clobbered the iPhone 5c, with one saying that despite supply constraints, the 5s outsold the 5c by 3.4 to 1.

There are a few caveats to the new record. The iPhone 5c was launched as a new device instead of Apple's prior policy, of selling the prior year's model at a lower price. Looking at things from the reported 3.4-to-1 perspective, Apple would have sold 6.95 million iPhone 5s devices and 2.05 million iPhone 5c devices. That 6.95 million figure would have been the only one reported last year.

Still, it would have surpassed the iPhone 5's 5 million, and easily.

Another factor in the increased sales is that Apple’s iPhone 5 launched in just nine markets globally, last year. meanwhile, the iPhone 5s and 5c debuted in 11 total, including the huge market of China, where fans saw the device -- for the first time -- on launch day.

When the iPhone 5 launched in China in mid-December of last year, the country accounted for two million devices sold.

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