Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alleged iOS 7 background refresh bug logs users out of apps: Report

All is not happy in iOS 7 land. In addition to folks just not liking the UI, with some reporting lags on devices as recent as the iPad 3 (only about 1 1/2 years old), it appears there is a bug in iOS 7's new Background Refresh feature that is causing users of some popular apps to be logged out spontaneously (via The Verge, on Monday).

Several apps, including but not limited to Mailbox and Snapchat, are seeing users logged out repeatedly. Mailbox has said that it spent the last few days "in crisis mode" to find a solution.

There's a reason for that. A look at just one tweet shows typical user response to this sort of thing, which is usually blamed on the app, not the OS: deletion.
Three times in the past 24 hours @Mailbox required me to go through the setup process all over again. No patience for that. #deleting
It looks like a bug in Apple's Background Refresh is causing the issue. As a result of the bug, Mailbox updated its app on Monday to remove background refresh, as a temporary fix.

Mailbox currently believes that "the root cause lies in Apple's new Background Refresh feature."

Another developer, who chose to remain anonymous, said:
Honestly I don't know what the problem is, but it looks like it's Apple.
Other apps appear affected by the issue, too, including PayPal, but interestingly enough, Facebook does not appear to exhibit the problem.

Since Apple -- via its new Touch ID fingerprint reader -- has acknowledged just how annoying it is to end users to have to enter their passwords, it's clear that this would be annoying to users (notably, it doesn't appear -- at least not yet -- that Apple will allow third parties to utilize Touch ID in their apps; it has said so previously).

Google, too, has acknowledge the pain of passwords with its Android facial recognition feature; both biometric features, however, have been defeated by faux images.

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