Friday, August 23, 2013

Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding effort fails to meet $32 million goal

An effort to crowdfund the development of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone has fallen far, far short of its mark. As reported on Thursday by The Verge, Canonical had set a goal of raising $32 million through Indiegogo -- in a month's time.

However, that goal was a little -- or really, a lot -- too ambitious, as the campaign wrapped up with less than half of the total, ending up with slightly more than $12.8 million from over 27,000 contributors.

It started off quickly, speeding to almost $3.4 million within the first 24 hours. However, donation spending just as quickly slowed. Under the original structure of the crowdfunding program, the first 5,000 backers of the device would receive an Ubuntu Edge for $600, but everyone else would need to pay $830.

To stir the pot, limited tiers of $625, $675, and $725 were later added, and eventually a $695 tier was put into place for the remaining portion of the campaign. While falling far short of its mark, the Ubuntu Edge campaign was actually quite successful, as $12 million is nothing to shake a smartphone at. Still, the project wasn't fully funded.

Speaking to The Guardian, though, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said that Ubuntu Mobile would motor on, and that carriers and device makers are still interested.

All the money pledged to the project will be returned; IndieGoGo will also forsaked its usual cut that it takes from failed projects.

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