Monday, August 05, 2013

PWRglass add-on could triple the battery life of Google Glass

You can either wait for a gold master version of Google Glass, with (hopefully) better battery life, or you can wait for a version of this accessory, which emerged as a possible savior for the battery life-challenged device on Saturday.

Reminding us of nothing less than Croakies sunglass cords, the PWRglass, as it's been dubbed, should triple the anemic battery life of Google Glass smartglasses, according to its inventor, Kevin Alan Tussy.

However, PWRglass is not yet ready for prime time. Tussy is currently awaiting a patent for his invention, and the design is not yet finalized. Currently, the power comes from olithium-ion batteries that are said to be “roughly the size of AAA batteries.”

Those who might complain about the looks of PWRglass might remember that the looks of Google Glass are already geeky. You might just be enhancing your geekiness, and certainly your battery life.

PWRGlass can pass through, so that both it and Google Glass can be charged with one cable. Devices will be will be available for pre-order when the designs are finalized, and in its final form it will be offered in different colors.

One question for Tussy, though: What if Google changes the position of the charging port for the final version of Google Glass? Even a slight change may necessitate a PWRglass, rev. 2.

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