Saturday, August 10, 2013

Motorola to stay in-house, go with Motorola for next Nexus smartphone?

Wondering why Google has not tapped its Motorola Mobility division to build its Nexus smartphones? So is just about everyone else, but a Friday TechCrunch report says that the Motorola Nexus drought is about to end.

According to a cryptic hint on Google+ last night -- from AndroidAndMe founder Taylor Wimberly, who famously delivered some early information on the Moto X -- Motorola will “build a Nexus smartphone in Q4."

That doesn't mean the Moto X will simply be rebranded. Instead, Wimberly said that the company is going to source an entirely new Nexus smartphone.

While it makes 100 percent sense for Google's own smartphone division to build its Nexus phones, there was concern expressed by Google's other OEM partners that Motorola would get the inside track on first looks at every new OS version. Thus, it's possible -- even probable -- that the last sets of devices were built with that in mind, meaning spreading the wealth of new platform availability.

The new rumor aside, there have been a number of reports claiming that LG would be building the next Nexus smartphone, based on its G2 device. After all, the last Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 4, was an LG product.

Could LG be going for the high-end market with a new Nexus while Motorola builds a mid- or even low-end Nexus phone? Google hasn't released two Nexus smartphones at once before, so based on past history that's doubtful, but the only ones who really know are LG, Google, and Motorola.

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