Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Apple expands third-party power block trade-in program to new countries

Apple's third-party power block trade-in program, originally reported to be limited to China and the U.S., is expanding to other regions, 9to5Mac reported on Monday.

When Apple originally announced the program, it said it would begin in China on Aug. 9 -- which it has -- and that it would start in the United States on Aug. 16. The company did not mention any other countries, in its original set of program details.

However, since then Apple has update the USB Power Adapter Takeback Program support page to note

The program will officially begin in the United States on August 16th, and it started in China on August 9th. Apple initially specified that the programs will be supported in the United States and China, but did not mention any other country.

The program allows a customer to bring in a third-party charger -- one per device -- and trade it in for an Apple charger. The price of the Apple charger is discounted to $10 or the local equivalent, Apple said.

Over the past few days, Apple has updated its Support Page for the USB trade-in-program to note other supported regions (see screenshot of country selection dropdown, above) and their corresponding discount pricing: Australia ($14 AUD), Canada ($11 CAD), France (10 €), Germany (10 €), Japan (¥1,000), and the United Kingdom £8 GBP (inc. VAT).

As in the U.S., the program will start on Aug. 16 in each of these additional countries and end on Oct. 18.

China may have been selected as the first country to get the program because of a recently highly publicized electrocution death. Ma Ailun was using a third-party charger with her iPhone 4, rather than an Apple-manufactured one, when she answered an incoming phone call with the device still charging. She died of electrocution.

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