Wednesday, July 03, 2013

iWatch trademark 'world tour' continues as Apple files in more countries

The world tour of the trademark "iWatch" continued on Monday night, as reports indicated that Apple has expanded its quest to trademark the term to other countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey.

It was reported earlier that Apple has filed trademark applications for iWatch in both Russia and Japan. With that, an upcoming iOS-powered smartwatch from the Cupertino, Calif.-based electronics giant seems a done deal.

Rumors of an iWatch have been rampant for months. Other rumors have pointed to Microsoft and even Google creating their own smartwatches.

Samsung, the world’s biggest maker of cell phones -- not just smartphones -- is developing a smartwatch, the company confirmed in March. This is unlike Apple, Microsoft, or Google, none of which have stated they are actively developing that sort of product.

It is unclear when the iWatch will launch. Some reports say Apple will launch the device later this year, but others point to 2014, instead.

It is also unclear how the device will function. It could link to an iPhone or iPad and offload much of the processing to those devices, minimizing battery use by simply displaying notifications, messages, and perhaps mapping functions, while allowing limited functionality, including perhaps replies, directly from the iWatch.

Certainly, Apple does not want to be in the position it was in with the iPad trademark in China. Apple eventually had to settle with Proview Technology for $60 million.

Apple reportedly also had to come to an agreement with IGB Eletronica over the iPhone trademark in Brazil.

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