Monday, July 29, 2013

iOS 7 heads for an early September release with iPhone 5S slated for mid-September: Source

As Apple released a new beta version of iOS 7 on Monday, a source said that Apple plans only two more betas of iOS 7, with a release planned for early September. Based on past history, Apple would then announce, possibly release new handsets around mid-to-late September.

That's right, Apple fanboys. The iPhone 5S, and perhaps the iPhone lite, are nearly within your grasp, and less than two months away.

In addition, we've all seen how new hardware features are often discovered when developers delve into iOS betas, and the iOS 7 beta is no different. A long rumored iPhone 5S feature, a biometric fingerprint sensor, seems to have been outed by iOS 7 beta 4, which wasreleased on Monday.

This rumored "iPhone 5S" feature is believed to be backed by Apple's $356 million acquisition of AuthenTec last summer.

This version of iOS -- and its delivery -- are under close scrutiny. Not only is it being built under the new Jony Ive regime (with the departure of Scott Forstall), it's undergone a major revamp of the UI, along with new features, all of which were said to jeopardize both the release of iOS 7 as well as the iPhone 5S, which we all know would not be released without a new version of iOS, to boot.

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