Friday, July 19, 2013

Huawei fires back as ex-CIA head accuses it of spying for China

Mobile device and telecommunications manufacturer Huawei has "spied for the Chinese government," according to Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA, and on Thursday, the company declared it has had enough. This is not the first such allegation made against the company, and William Plummer, vice president of external affairs at Huawei, said "Put up, or shut up," to the accusations.

Hayden said he isn't just how much information the company shares with the Chinese government, but he said that he believes that Huawei at least discloses "intimate and extensive knowledge of the foreign telecommunications systems it is involved with."

Plummer added,
This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years. This is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.
Both the U.S. and U.K. governments have shown caution over Huawei. However, neither government has yet to publicly identify a definite link between Huawei and the Chinese government or Chinese hackers, yet they continue to show fear over possible cybersecurity issues.

The company's full statement is below. The question remains, is this defamation, slander, or a valid concern?
This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years, trotted out anew as a flimsy bright and shiny object to distract attention from the very real compromising of global networks and information that has been exposed in recent weeks. Misdirecting and slandering Huawei may feel okay because the company is Chinese-based – no harm, no foul, right? Wrong.

Huawei is a world-proven multinational across 150 global markets that supports scores and scores of American livelihoods, and thousands more, indirectly, through $6 billion a year in procurements from American suppliers. Someone says they got some proof of some sort of threat? Okay. Then put up. Or shut up. Lacking proof in terms of the former, which seems clearly the case, this is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.

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