Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Apple sets apps free ahead of the App Store's fifth anniversary

July 10, 2013 will be the App Store's fifth anniversary, and Apple has begun a sale of iOS apps ahead of it. These apps are all free, including ones that have never been free in the App Store before, and some pricey ones, to boot.

There is nothing on Apple's site about the sale, nor do the apps indicate the reason for their discounts. However, with the App Store anniversary coming up, and with the fifth anniversary being significant, it seems like an obvious reason for a sale.

Among the apps seen for sale, thus far, are expensive ones such as Traktor DJ for iPad, which normally sells for $19.99. Traktor DJ advertises itself as "the world’s #1 pro DJ software."  Popular games like Where's My Water are also among the newly free apps.

The current list of free apps, which could expand, is below:
The App Store opened up about a year after the first iPhone was released. Those who remember those days will recall that -- at first -- Apple felt that it wasn't really necessary to provide an SDK and APIs for third-party apps, but admitted that it was something everyone wanted.

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