Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vine sharing plummets after Video for Instagram debuts

Vine sharing has plummeted in the approximately one week since Facebook unveiled the Video for Instagram feature for its photo, now photo-and-video sharing app. The information comes via data compiled by Marketing Land using Topsy, which is a tool used to analyze social media shares.

According to the analysis, Vine's Twitter shares peaked at 2.5 million on June 19. After Instagram's video service launched -- the next day, June 20 -- that number fell to 1.5 million. Vine's shares are currently hovering at 1 million.

Instagram, meanwhile, has hovered around 1.5 million links shared on Twitter each week, consistently. It did see its shares spike to 1.75 million after its Video for Instagram announcement. Since then, though, the service has held steady at 1.5 million shares. That means that Instagram hasn't seen its video sharing increase sharing. However, it is still notably higher than Vine's shares.

It wouldn't be fair to ignore the fact, however, that Instagram has over four times as many users as Vine. Vine, which is one of Twitter's services, has 30 million users compared to Instagram's 130 million users.

Given the six-second looping limit of Vine vs. Instagram's 15-second non-looping videos, some are calling Vine the Twitter of video sharing vs. Instagram, which is being called the Facebook of video sharing.

It is, of course, too early to make a judgment on the long-term prospects for either service.

Meanwhile, one has to ask how things are at other video sharing services, such as Viddy or SocialCam.

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