Friday, June 21, 2013

The Internet melts down, begs for release of uncensored Kate Upton topless video

TMZ released a video on Thursday that immediately went viral. It showed a topless Kate Upton riding a horse. For viewers, there was just one problem with that video, or two of them rather: It was censored, and social media went viral with comments over the lack of -- visibility.

A search for the term "kate upton topless" on Twitter, in addition to showing people happily tweeting about the video, also showed people unhappily tweeting about the censorship. Some even begged TMZ to release the uncensored version -- which they obviously have.
Eric Annett ‏@TehWhiteMamba69: TMZ has uncensored footage of Kate Upton topless riding a horse. Waiting for National Treasure 3 when Nicolas Cage steals it for all to see.

IHJJR @iHateJJRedick: So @TMZ has a video of Kate Upton riding a horse topless but won't release it? I'm officially organizing an angry mob. We ride at dusk.

Jim Herling @jimherling: If an uncensored version of that topless Kate Upton video @TMZ posted doesn't surface, it'll be the greatest example of communism ever.

Quake @QuakeDHH: I'd sell one of my nuts to be that horse RT @BRIVN21: wow RT @Rdrjs: RT @rob_b1991: streets need dis video uncensored

ClassicPete™ @Classic_Pete: Because when you're 27 and having an aneurism because you can't find uncensored video of @KateUpton topless on a horse...its time to panic.

Breezus† @BRIVN21: Woooooowowowowowowowow RT “@Rdrjs: #WENEEDTHIS RT @rob_b1991: the streets needs this video uncensored

Ronn Burner @fakeronnburner: I would abstain from sex forever for the Kate Upton topless horse ride video. No sex exists better than what my imagination will do to that (We have to ask if sex with Kate Upton would be better than his imagination).

JD Harmeyer @jdharm: My level of anger at TMZ for censoring the video of Kate Upton topless on a horse might be unjustifiable
For background on the meltdown currently going on across the Internet, on Thursday, TMZ released a video which was apparently taken during a recent modeling shoot. Upton begins the session fully clothed, with a zip down top, some sort of wraparound bottom, and the requisite bra and bikini bottoms. Although Upton begins the session trying to keep her breasts covered with her hands, she soon realizes, there's just no way to hide those babies.

Eventually, she is forced to release them, set them free. Although the video is censored, it's reportedly that once uncovered, her "girls" are everything that Upton fans hoped -- and expected -- them to be.

Sadly, there appears to be no uncensored video of Kate Upton's -- er -- nipples anywhere on the Internet. Or is there? Indeed there is a wet T-shirt in the way, but still ...

Those still wanting to see the original yet censored video, check the link above (or here).

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