Monday, June 17, 2013

Instagram video rumored to be launching on June 20

Facebook has scheduled a press conference on June 20, and it appears details of the event are leaking out. A source said on Monday that the announcement will involve Instagram, which Facebook acquired in April of 2012.

What is the announcement? Assuming it comes to fruition, it would seem to be a natural progression for the Instagram service. Instagram, which is an immensely popular photo-sharing app, will expand to include movement as well: video.

Considering that rival social networking service Twitter has a nice, new (though short) video service called Vine, it's not surprising. In addition, there are a number of video sharing services that have filled in the gap in terms of an "Instagram for video," including Viddy, Cinegram and Socialcam.

While adding video to Instagram makes sense, there has also been talk of Facebook launching an RSS reader to take the place of the outgoing Google Reader.

Last week, Facebook sent out an invitation to the media, informing them of the June 20 event. It said that journalists could learn about a "small team" that "has been working on a big idea." The invitation had a coffee stain in the lower-right corner.

Fans of coffee table books will wonder if that points to the aforementioned RSS reader -- book, reader, after all. Those who think that the announcement will involve video on Instagram will point to the coffee stain and think ... well, we can't make a connection.

This is, of course, just a rumor, and needs to be treated as such. We'll find out Thursday what Facebook has planned.

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