Friday, June 21, 2013

Five million uploads in the first 24 hours after Video for Instagram launches

Yep, it's mighty popular, Facebook said on Friday. In the first 24 hours after Facebook released a version of Instagram with its new Video on Instagram feature, over 5 million videos were uploaded.

In fact, fans uploaded enough video in the new version's first eight hours that it would take a year to watch them all. At peak, Instagram users were uploading 40 hours of video per minute.

It was expected that Facebook would unveil a video feature during Thursday's press event. The functionality allows Instagram's 130 million users to record up to 15 seconds of non-looping video, apply filters and image stabilization, and upload them for their followers to enjoy. Understandably, the feature bears a remarkable resemblance to Twitter's Vine app.

The new Instagram app may prove to be the death of apps like SocialCam and Viddy, which have been considered "the Instagram of video" until now. Viddy's app blurb even includes text from the New York Times, which says “If you’ve seen what Instagram has done for phone-shot photos, you can imagine that Viddy may soon do the same for videos.”

He's only one person, but he's a big name.  We'll have to see what Viddy user Justin Bieber does, now.  After all, he's been an Instagram user, and it's easier to just use one app than two, isn't it?

Twitter's Vine, though, had to be the straw that broke the camel's back and made Instagram quicken the pace of the video sharing feature's development. One has to assume it was already well underway by the time Vine appeared, naturally.

For comparison’s sake, Vine’s 13 million users reportedly upload one million videos per day.

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