Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Apple begins offering in-store iPhone 5 touchscreen repairs, priced at $149

Cracked or otherwise dysfunctional touchscreens are a common occurrence with mobile devices, and as such, a new Apple move to lower repair costs, as well as to do them in-store, is welcome news. A report surfaced on Monday saying that the iPhone 5 screen replacement service has been quietly implemented, and was confirmed by a forum post.

Previously, Apple would ship the iPhone off for repair, with customers receiving a refurbished unit as a replacement. Worse, if the customer was out of their complimentary warranty period and didn't have AppleCare+, the cost would be $229.

Applecare+ -- which costs $99 -- allows customers to replace their entire phone for $49 twice during the two year coverage period.

The new on-site repair will cost $149. That's a significant change from the $229 it would have cost non-AppleCare+ subscribers, earlier. It is also in-line with third-party repair shops. Quick iFix, for example, currently charges $139.99 for display screen repairs.

These changes to Apple's repair policies first emerged in May, when a town hall meeting indicated that Apple would begin in-house repairs of displays in June. That effort is not consumer-focused, though -- it will save the company approximately $1 billion per year.

In July, Apple is expected to roll out additional in-house repair options, including the iPhone's camera, sleep/wake buttons, and logic boards.

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