Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Vanity Fair ad confirms the 'rumored' Nokia Lumia 928

The long-rumored Nokia Lumia 928 has been confirmed by a Vanity Fair ad. Engadget posted an image of the ad on Tuesday, but since then, the link in the ad went live, meaning an official image of the ad (sans magazine crease) has become available.

The Vanity ad shows the Lumia being held in a person's hand as he or she takes a photo or video of a family at the beach. Verizon's logo can be seen above the screen, as it is held in landscape mode.

The link points to the same image as in the Vanity Fair ad, but is missing a couple of key features. For one, the website does not mention the device's name, which is clearly shown in the Vanity Fair version as being the Nokia Lumia 928. In addition, the website redacts the carrier name, which as we noted was shown in the ad as being the nation's largest carrier, Verizon.

The ad copy isn't completely legible in the ad photo, and generally speaking, magazine ads don't go into the level of detail that techies want. Thus, it's unclear what type of processor, how much internal storage, etc. etc. the device will carry, though we'd guess it's a flagship level device.

Some things of note in the ad are Nokia's PureView camera technology, Carl Zeiss optics, and the camera's ability to capture images "even in low light," along with Nokia's proprietary OIS.

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