Saturday, May 11, 2013

TweetPee monitor tweets when a baby's diaper needs changing

Need to know when it's time to change your baby's diaper and don't want to have to use the smell or wetness test? There's an app for that, it was reported on Thursday.

To be honest, it's really a device and an an app together, but the TweetPee monitor and app, as they are called, do use Twitter. The clip-on monitor device sends a signal to the app, which resides on a parent's iOS device. The app then tweets an alert.

According to reports, the device is currently only in the early testing stages. The test is being run by Huggies Brazil, and currently involves only four families, but the company plans to increase to test group size to a total of ten families in July.

The clip-on is shaped like a little blue bird, which could attract Twitter's attention should the device make it to mark it, considering the service's logo.

It seems, though, that will never be an issue. Huggies made it clear, in a statement, that the clip-on monitor is only designed to be a proof-of-concept, and won't be sold -- at least for now.

The app will launch in July. You might ask what good the app is without the device. The app keeps track of the number of diapers used, ensuring parents do not run out. It also integrates with online retailers, allowing users to order more diapers directly from the app.
Huggies Brazil is excited to announce we will launch TweetPee in Brazil this July -- a new iPhone app that is designed to help parents better keep track of the volume of diapers they use and provide easy integration with online retailers to make life easier for busy moms and dads.

In conjunction with the TweetPee app's debut in Brazil, feature videos will highlight the experiences of 10 moms and dads who use the app to streamline and more effectively plan for their purchases.

In the promotional video referenced, the clip-on humidity sensor is intended merely as a concept device to help showcase these 10 parents' experience with the app. It will not be made available for purchase, nor are we suggesting parents are unable or too busy to notice when their babies' diapers need changing! Please visit for more information as news develops.
Huggies' promotional video is embedded. It's unclear if the TweetPee app will reach beyond the Brazilian App Store.

It is also unclear if an Android version is planned.

Even given all the features of the app, it still seems somewhat superfluous without the clip-op monitor. After all, anyone who can't simply look in their diaper box and then head to their computer or brick-and-mortar store to buy more would seem to have worse issues than a baby's wet diaper.

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