Tuesday, May 07, 2013

'SNL' lampoons the awkwardness of Google Glass use

Ah, the hilarity ensues. If it's not bad enough that humans have to witness iPhone users trying to get Siri to understand their voice commands, we will soon be inundated by Google Glass users trying to do the same. "Saturday Night Live," never one to miss an opportunity, made sure we were aware of this in a skit on Saturday (when else?).

Better quality is available on Hulu, but the embedded video below ensures that more folks in other countries will be able to watch the video, without licensing restrictions.

On Saturday's new episode of SNL, Weekend Update interviewed fictional tech blogger Randall Meeks (Fred Armisen), who appeared wearing his new Google Glass Explorer Edition glasses. Weekend Update host Seth Meyers spoke to him about the new wearable computing device.

Meeks appeared on the show to demonstrate how “discreetly” the device can be used in regular conversation. Obviously wearing a mocked-up Google Glass device, his attempts to demonstrate Google Glass’ voice commands and head gestures more closely resembled someone with a tic.

Naturally the "demo" isn't full reality. However, if you recall how folks used to react when they witnessed someone using a Bluetooth headset, perhaps hidden on the other side of his head, not visible -- well, you get the drift.

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