Friday, May 03, 2013

New Winky Google Glass app: Take snapshots with just a wink

Winky: It sounds like a name for a a toy of some kind. Instead, it's a Google Glass app that emerged on Thursday, one that allows users to wink to take a picture.

The app is currently available via Github. Here's the readme:
A way to enable the wink gesture on Google Glass to take a photo.

The screen can be off while you wink, this means completely hands and mouth free photo taking. Take pictures while you eat!

Run the app, then use the touchpad to tap on the calibrate. Follow the on screen directions to calibrate.

So why do we need this app? There's at least one location in code on Glass that does a check to see if the wink gesture should be enabled and then turns it off if it shouldn't. This turns on the wink gesture, and makes sure that Glass won't be able to disable it by intercepting any future wink gestures and responding with a photo.
The app was developed by Mike DiGiovanni, who said in the readme that he is the emerging technology lead at Roundarch Isobar.

Along with the app, DiGiovanni also released a brief demo video (embedded). A blink, rather than a wink, won't activate the camera.

DiGiovanni said "you actually have to get that scrunch up" for Glass to acknowledge the gesture for the app. He added that he has "stumbled across some code that even appears to detect blinks, double blinks, and double winks."

Winky is only going to exacerbate concerns that folks can take a photo, unknown to others. Since Winky allows a picture to be taken without speaking to Glass or pushing a button, it might prompt more establishments to ban the wearing of the device, on site.

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