Friday, May 24, 2013

Microsoft uses Siri to cite the iPad's negatives in new Windows 8 tablet ad

Microsoft continued its series of somewhat snarky ads. Following up on its earlier "wedding" ad which Android and iOS fanboys against each other, the Redmond, Wa.-based company released a new Windows 8 tablet ad on Wednesday. The ad mimics an earlier iPad mini ad, and even uses Siri against Apple.

The ad is titled "Less talking, more doing," and features what sounds like Siri as the voiceover narrator.

Siri starts things off by saying, "Sorry, I don't update like that." Continuing, and noting iOS' less-than-true multitasking, Siri says, "I'm sorry; I can only do one thing at a time." Indeed Siri sounded somewhat embarrassed.

She admits, too, that PowerPoint isn't one of the things she can do, even one at a time. "I guess PowerPoint isn't one of those things."

"Should we just play chopsticks," Siri then says. It harkens back to a 2012 Apple ad, one which introduced the iPad mini. The original Apple ad showed an iPad user playing "Heart and Soul" in Garage Band, accompanied by its smaller sibling, the iPad mini.

Of course, Microsoft doesn't mention the big negative about Windows 8 tablets -- battery life. It also doesn't mention the fact that Windows 8 is reviled by many.

The earlier, anti-Android / anti-iOS ad showed a wedding reception being disrupted by Apple and Samsung fanboys.

As the wedding was about to reach its climax, one iPhone fan asks a Samsung fan to move his "enormous phone." When the reply was shot back -- "You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?" -- a woman asked Siri to "Search: one trick pony."

Insults were then hurled: "iSheep. Copybots." A woman then said "Autocorrect this" and punched an Apple fan. A huge brawl then ensued, while in the meantime two members of the wait staff were standing along, quietly discussing the merits of their alternative: Windows Phone and specifically Lumias.

As the ad concludes, one man is seen tearing apart his dress shirt to expose -- no, not an "S," but instead an Apple logo.

It seems to be Mac vs. PC all over again, but in this market segment, tablets, Apple has a huge advantage in market share. To be perfectly honest, Android also has a much larger share than Windows RT or Windows 8.

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