Thursday, May 30, 2013

iPhone owners use their devices over 50 percent more than Android owners

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Issued on Tuesday, a new report from Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons Connect mobile and digital panel shows that iPhone owners "out-use" Android owners. Overall, smartphone owners use their devices just shy of an hour a day, 58 minutes.

There are clear differences between the two platforms in terms of use. Sorry, Windows Phone lovers, only the top two global mobile platforms were included in the study.

Among the findings for activity share:
  • Daily use: Overall, 58 minutes; iPhone, one hour and 15 minutes; Android, 49 minutes
  • Voice calling: Overall, 26 percent; iPhone, 22 percent; Android, 28 percent. Indeed, Android owners talk more than iPhone owners. In both cases and overall, voice calling was the no. 1 use for smartphones.
  • Texting: Overall, 20 percent; iPhone, 22 percent; Android, 16 percent. For the iPhone, texting tied voice calling as the no. 1 use for smartphones.
  • Social networking: Overall, 16 percent; iPhone, 16 percent; Android, 16 percent (agreement, for once)
  • Web browsing: Overall, 14 percent; iPhone, 12 percent; Android, 16 percent
  • Email: Overall, 9 percent; iPhone, 10 percent; Android, 8 percent
  • Games: Overall, 8 percent; iPhone, 8 percent; Android, 8 percent
  • Other: Overall, 9 percent; iPhone, 10 percent; Android, 8 percent
What activities draw the most users, as opposed to the most time or the most percentage use?

Percentage of users participating in an activity:
  • Voice calling: 79 percent
  • Texting 76 percent
  • Web browsing: 62 percent
  • Email: 61 percent
  • Social networking 52 percent
Among the activities with the lowest number of daily participants are:
  • Watching video: 2.3 percent
  • Reading: 0.5 percent
John Fetto, senior marketing manager for Experian's consumer insights group, said in a statement:
Smartphone users may constantly debate which operating system is supreme, but we see clear differences between the ways consumers use their phone depending on the operating system that runs it.
That's clear from the usage data, above. What's interesting to note is that iPhone owners use their phone 26 minutes more per day, which adds up to over 50 percent more than Android users.

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