Friday, May 10, 2013 pulls bleeding 'zombie ex-girlfriend' item after Internet uproar

It's not the first time that has been forced to pull a controversial item, but on Wednesday the giant Internet retailer pulled an item that many thought was an April Fools' Day joke when it first appeared last month.

Named "Alexa," the life-sized mannequin has been dubbed the "Bleeding Girlfriend Target" by some, but it is really a mannequin that represents a zombie, bleeding from its mouth in a style reminiscent of a "The Walking Dead" zombie who has (ugh) just eaten. She is only one in a line of targets from Zombie Industries. However, according to reports, it was being marketed as a "Bleeding Zombie Target Ex-Girlfriend" on's website.

Others in the series include "Terrorist" (think Osama bin Laden as a zombie), Rocky, and other targets that include zombie animals, too.

"Alexa's" blurb at (now pulled) said:
Worlds first bleeding tactical target system that bleeds when you shoot it! Full torso life sized . . . and can take up to at least 1,000 rounds from multiple calibers!

The more you shoot it, the more it bleeds as there are 500 individual blood packets throughout the entire torso and head! . . .with realistic features to heighten your sensitivity.
Two things are unclear: First, what prompted the company to remove the item (although some petitions and incensed customers probably helped).

The second, and perhaps more important question is: What was the company thinking? Why did anyone think something marketed as an "ex-girlfriend" target was a good idea?

Notably, at last week's NRA convention, Zombie Industries showed off a target that look uncannily like President Obama.

Those curious about how a target works can watch the promotional video, embedded. It shows several men “busting up a zombie chick.” Near the end of the video, the camera zooms in on a man holding a handgun to the mannequin’s head. He pulls the trigger a few more times after saying, “Dodge this.”

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