Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hillary Clinton Twitter account is 'soon-to-be-activated': Report

@hillaryclinton may soon start a firestorm on Twitter. Politico reported on Tuesday that as part of her 2016 "campaign," Clinton will still start tweeting from @hillaryclinton.

The account currently shows up as locked and protected. The report, however, said that the account is “soon-to-be-activated.”

When former president Bill Clinton began tweeting in April, the Internet went afire. However, since then, the nation's 42nd president has tweeted only 26 times. Despite that, he has over 685,000 followers.

The 2012 election was barely over when talk of 2016 arose. There is much time for Hillary Clinton to embrace social media, and the example of U.S. President Barack Obama should show her staff it's necessary and useful.

Judd Legum, who was the research director for Clinton’s 2008 campaign and who now runs, said that while Hillary is being hurt by being absent from Twitter, she can recover quickly once she jumps in, feet-first.
My sense is that they are behind, but if she decides to run, the interest around her candidacy will be so intense, it won’t be difficult to her to catch up.

Social media would be a big asset to Hillary. It will allow her to go around the media, which is frequently more skeptical of her than the public.
Phil Singer, who is a political strategist and a former spokesperson for the Clinton campaign, said catching up -- follower-wise -- won't be an issue. With her current popularity, he said:
She won’t have any problems going from zero to 18 million followers when she decides to enter the Twitterverse.

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