Friday, April 19, 2013

Watch free and vote on all fourteen Amazon Studios 2013 series pilots

It's Friday, April 19, 2013 and with a weekend of (possibly) TV viewing upcoming, Amazon Studios has released all 14 of its currently series pilots to the Internet. wants viewers to watch the pilots and vote on the ones that they want to see turn into full, season-long series covering about 13 episodes, which seems to be the sweet spot number-wise for cable series (such as "The Walking Dead").

Those series will then be available only through Amazon Prime, but of the 14, is only looking for half -- at the most -- to make the cut. Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, in an interview, said:
We don't have any particular number of shows in mind. We would like to see a few shows come out of the process. Seven would be a lot, but zero wouldn't be enough. So somewhere between there.'s video streaming service already offers TV series and movies, some of them for free to subscribers to its Amazon Prime service as Prime Instant Video, and a superset as part of the Internet retailer's Amazon Instant Video service.

The original content, though, expands its service, but not in a way unknown to Web viewers.  Rival Netflix has begun a similar rollout of original properties, including the Kevin Spacey-starring "House of Cards."

Among the series pilots on the above web page is "Zombieland," based on the movie of the same name. We discussed the series earlier when acquired the rights to it. The series blurb is:
Four survivors are killin' zombies and searching for a home. has categorized it as a comedy.

Most of Amazon Studio's 14 pilots were previously announced. They range from those that most would call "professionally done," such as the above-mentioned "Zombieland" and a political satire called "Alpha House," which stars John Goodman of "Rosanne" fame.

There are, of course, several that come from lesser-known sources, including six children's TV show pilots.

Price said:
Our priorities are just finding shows that Amazon customers are going to be excited about. We're open -minded about where they come from and what the model is.
U.S. and U.K. customers can already vote. German Lovefilm customers will have their own chance in "a few weeks," Price said, once the pilots have been dubbed into German.

Watching and reviewing a series pilot requires an user account, but is free. It's unclear how long the voting session will last, so get in there and start viewing.

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