Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nearly 83 percent of those surveyed have no idea BlackBerry 10 has launched

BlackBerry and Nokia have bet the farm on their new platforms, BB10 and Windows Phone, respectively. Given that, a new MKM survey, released on Tuesday, points to both companies having a steep hill to climb back to smartphone respectibility.

According to the survey, which sampled 1,500 U.S. consumers, 51 percent of whom owned smartphones, did not reflect well on market awareness of the two companies and their platforms (39 percent purchased their smartphone within the last six months, and over 37 percent plan to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months).

When asked the following questions: "Are you aware that BlackBerry 10 was launched in Canada and Europe in late January 2013?” and “Are you aware that phones running Windows Phone 8 are now available for purchase?” the answers were telling. 82.6 percent said no for BB10 and 60.5 percent said no for WP8.

When asked “Are you interested in, or at all curious about” either of the alternatives to Android and iOS, 68 percent said “No” for BlackBerry, and 63.9 percent said "No" for Windows Phone.

Among the smartphone owners who responded, 33 percent said they owned an Apple device, 28.3 percent Samsung, 9.9 percent LG, 9.3 percent Motorola, and 9.3 percent HTC. “Other miscellaneous brands” was next, with 4.4 percent. That means that both BlackBerry, at 3.4 percent, and Nokia, with 1.6 percent, fell in behind "miscellaneous."

Despite Samsung trailing Apple narrowly in the survey, Android easily bested rival iOS. 55.1 percent of respondents said their devices carried Android, 31.3 percent said iOS, 6.4 percent said Windows Phone, 3.4 percent said “not sure” (really?), and 3.1 percent said BlackBerry.

In terms of upcoming purchases, 44.5 percent of respondents said they were “not sure” what next brand of phone they would buy, while (surprisingly) Samsung came in second at 19.6 percent. 17.7 percent said an Apple phone, 5.9 percent said a BlackBerry, 4.4 percent said they would opt for a Motorola device, 3.7 percent said an HTC device, 3.1 percent said an LG device, and 0.7 percent said a Nokia device.

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