Friday, April 12, 2013

Google says Glass Explorer Edition devices to reach developers 'within the next month'

The Explorer Edition -- in other words, the first release -- of Google's Project Glass smartglasses is nearing release to early adopters. Wednesday, during Google Venture’s “Glass Collective” event, the Internet giant said that it hopes to seed Glass hardware into the hands of developers “within the next month.”

The exact date for when Google plans to ship the first publicly available versions of Glass remains unknown. However, Google will host its annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco from May 15 to 17. It makes sense that those developers who opted into the trial at the 2012 Google I/O conference will -- if they managed to score tickets -- be able to pick them up there.

Recently, Google also opened up a promotion, one which allowed the public to compete for the right to be among the first to buy Glass Explorer Edition smartglasses. In order to win the contest, end users had to post their reasons for wanting Glass on Twitter and Google+.

However, the promotion fell flat and was soundly criticized after some rather questionable winners were selected. Rather than picking winners based on their merits, Google and its promotional partner, a New York-based marketing firm named Anomaly, were accused of random selections.

One such winner tweeted the "entry," "#IfIHadGlass, I'd throw it at your face. ._."

Google eventually had to rescind some of the approximately 8,000 early Glass release invitations it had made.

Promotional winners have to pick up the device in person at events in Los Angelese, San Francisco or New York. It’s unclear if those developers who are not going to make it to Google I/O will have to do the same.

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