Monday, April 15, 2013

First weekend's reviews: Facebook Home rates 2.4 stars

Facebook said its new Facebook Home suite of apps would change a phone into a more people-centric device. As of Monday morning (PDT) nearly 4,000 reviews in the Play Store were in, and the results were not pretty: More than 47 percent of reviews were one star (out of five).

The results are shown below:
  • Five star 699
  • Four star 370
  • Three star 451
  • Two star 584
  • One star 1,890
1,890 one-star reviews out of 3,994 amounts to 47.3 percent.

Among the most recent reviews are:
Jen Lyon - April 15, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0

So stupid!!!
I uninstalled almost immediately... once I figured out how to get to my apps!! So dumb and makes everything way too complicated. If I want to see whats going on on facebook, I can easily click the app. I do not recommend!

Waynne Fowler - April 15, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3

After installing I could not access my phones native launcher. The thing essentially took over my phone. I couldn't even find a way to make a phone call? Uninstaling took a bit of trickery too. Typical low quality stuff we've come to expect from facebook lately.

RD JR - April 15, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0

Now I understand what this is
This is for people who's lives revolve around Facebook. I actually have a life and I'm good without Facebook home, no Thx! It's basically taking over your user interface of your phone.
Among the most numerous complaints are that the app drains battery, a lack of widget support (aside from Facebook's), that it's invasive and takes over everything (that was, however, advertised) and that it's confusing.

It's not a good start for Facebook Home. It's unclear how users of the HTC First phone, which comes with Home preinstalled, will fill. It would be humorous if HTC First users begin installing alternative launchers.

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