Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First end user Google Glass videos appear

Google has just shipped its first set of Google Glass Explorer Edition smartglasses to developers, and with that, the first real -- meaning non-demo, unprofessional, end user -- videos began appearing online on Tuesday.

Among the first was one that is likely to be a favorite "pose" of Google Glass users. User Matt Abdou posted a video (embedded) of himself going go-kart racing.

The video quality is serviceable. Despite our disappointment at the fact that the Explorer Edition only supports 802.11b/g, the device has a 5MP camera and supports 720p video.

From the videos, it seems apparent, though, that the wearer has to keep pushing the glasses up on his or her face. Those who wear prescription eyeglasses will know this as a familiar problem, particularly if the lenses are thick and or heavy. The question is, is this a result of the electronics in the unit making it hard to adjust and keep in one place?

We're waiting for the first video of someone getting tossed out of an establishment. As we reported earlier, at least one dive bar has already banned the device from its premises.

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