Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First 'Antennagate' checks reach end users

We keep saying "Antennagate is over," and this may be the final denouement for it, which afflicted the iPhone 4 when users held the device in "a certain way." On Monday, owners reported that they had begun receiving the $15 settlement checks stemming from the class action lawsuit over the issue.

When first reported, users said that if they held the phone in such a way as to bridge the gap on the lower left hand side of the device, the iPhone 4 signal would be severely attenuated. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs told an end user that he should "Just avoid holding it that way."

In February of 2012, a settlement was reached. iPhone 4 owners who had not taken advantage of Apple's free case offer were to receive $15 checks, instead.

Images of the first checks that were received showed that they were printed on April 17, 2013. They are void after July 16, 2013. For those who might be saying "Eureka," the deadline for submitting a claim expired long ago.

The image above was posted to Twitter. As the Twitter user said, he is "Buying a boat and sailing the world."

While the $15 check may seem small, for Apple, the total was big. The company was forced to pay out $53 million in total for the settlement. That amount does not include what Apple had to pay out in terms of free cases, bad publicity, research over the issue, and more.

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