Friday, March 29, 2013

For six years, a Chinese video game addict has spent nearly all his spare time in an Internet cafe

There have been many stories centering around Asian video game addiction problems, but this has to rank among the top. A Chinese gamer was spotlighted on Tuesday as a new poster child for China's growing problem with such addictions.

His name is Li Meng and he has basically lived -- lived -- at an Internet cafe for six years. Li Meng spends nearly all of his spare time at an Internet cafe in China's Northeast city of Changchun. He apparently leaves the cafe only for food and -- occasionally -- a shower.

The story originated in the Beijing Times, but was republished by China's official Xinhua news agency. The report noted the following:
[The] bespectacled youth clearly hadn't been to a hairdresser for a long time.

As he talked to our reporter, his gaze was locked to the computer screen, the plastic bag containing his dinner open by his side. He has a monthly income of RMB2,000 ($322), of which 500 ($80) is paid as a fee to the café every month.
It's not as though folks haven't noticed his addictive behavior. There are some expressing concern over him, as well.
He generally comes at night to play the game, gets sleepy during the day and sleeps here. From time to time will be out to take a bath.
In 2009, the first Internet addiction center in America was opened. China had such treatment centers years before the U.S.; in 2007 it was revealed that China was treating Internet addition with more than just your standard therapy. Treatments reported included military discipline, drugs, hypnosis and mild electric shocks.

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