Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 teardown shows an extremely easy-to-repair device

iFixit, home of the hot device teardown, has torn down the BlackBerry Z10, now that the device has launched in the U.S. The firm posted its teardown on Monday.

The Z10 ranked high in one area that most smartphones fall down on. It's probably not something that most end users will care about, though: iFixit rates the Z10 8 out of 10 on its repairability scale.

Among the niceties listed by iFixit: a removable battery. iFixit said,
It's a relief to see a smartphone in this day and age with a removable battery.
Not everyone eschews removable batteries, though. The Galaxy S III has a removable battery, but the latest top devices from Motorola, such as the Razr HD, do not. Neither does the HTC Droid DNA.

There was no adhesive holding down the Z10's motherboard, and components such as the camera were easily removable, more plusses in iFixit's book.

Not everything is that easy to pull apart, though. Smaller components such as the Z10's headphone jack, power switch, ambient light sensor, and earpiece speaker are built into a single assembly, and held in place with adhesive, making the unit tough to disassemble.

Overally, though, the firm lauded the Z10. iFixit said:
The BlackBerry Z10 is proof that smartphones can be thin, easily-repairable, and have replaceable batteries.
On the negative side of things is the phone's display unit, which is very thin. The Z10 -- as had been seen in earlier drop tests -- won't survive well.
A drop from ear-height to concrete spells death.
On the other hand, most smartphones aren't going to do well with such a drop.

Despite its lack of a removable battery, Apple's latest flagship phone, the iPhone 5, managed to get a high score, comparble to the BlackBerry Z10's: It scored a respectable 7 out of 10.

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