Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII blackout gives advertisers a chance to tweet impromptu ads

The brownout during Super Bowl XLVII was unprecedented. That said, a few companies seemed to have their marketing departments standing by, just in case, and they whipped together campaigns that scored big on Sunday, via social media.

Oreo was perhaps the most prepared. The company confirmed that it had its staff standing by, just in case something like this happened.

While Oreo had run its TV ad earlier in the broadcast, one called "Cookie or Creme" that promoted the company's Instagram account, it reacted quickly with a brilliant power outage-related tweet. Shown above, it was retweeted and favorited thousands of times in about 15 minutes. The tweet said:
Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark. pic.twitter.com/dnQ7pOgC
Other companies joined in during the break, and Twitter was the venue of choice. Another example was Tide, which tweeted:
We can't get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #SuperBowl #TidePower pic.twitter.com/JpQBRvjf
Calvin Klein used Twitter, but also its new Vine service that allows a user to upload an up to six-second looping video.
Since the lights are still out... http://vine.co/v/b1iiiiUz5uq #SB47
Even companies that didn't have a TV ad scored. Walgreens tweeted:
We do carry candles. #SuperBowl
...we also sell lights. #SuperBowl
These ads show what a big win the Super Bowl was for Twitter. According to the official Twitter blog, there were more than 24.1 million tweets about the game, the ads, and the halftime show, but the peak was Beyonce's halftime show, when there were 268,000 tweets per minute at the end of her show.

The blackout break was a close second, though, with 231,500 tweets per minute.  A slideshow of a few blackout ads is available here.

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