Sunday, February 03, 2013

Samsung's 'Next Big Thing' is a Lebron James cameo in its Super Bowl XLVII ad

Samsung's two-minute long Super Bowl ad isn't scheduled to air until the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, but the world's largest mobile phone maker apparently decided, "Why wait." The company released the video early, on Saturday, to YouTube.

Those who remember the earlier teaser ad, in which Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd were warned by Bob Odenkirk -- over and over again -- that they could not mention the trademarked Super Bowl name. They also could not mention the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens.

Instead, they used "El Plato Supreme," the "San Francisco 50-1ers" and the "Baltimore Blackbirds."

In the full commercial, we continue to see the same rapid-fire Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen humor from the teaser. Rogen and Rudd were both, they tell each other, brought in to do the ad. They then spend considerable time -- and humor -- telling each other why the other actor is not the next big thing (Samsung's slogan for its smartphones, we hope you know).

Rudd challenges Rogen, by saying he must be there to talk to someone named "Sam Sung." In addition, he attempts to find a favorable review of one of Rogen's films: "No results found."

Rogen then takes a picture of Rudd, and then uses his Galaxy Note II's S-pen to draw on Rudd's face. Rudd starts to tell Rogen to shove the S-pen somewhere, when Odenkirk shows up. It's then the two find out that they are supposed to work together, not against each other.

The trio then spends the next several seconds trying to figure out what to do in the ad. Of course, Rogen and Rudd are taken aback when Odenkirk asks them if they know any celebrities to use in the ad.

Finishing out the ad is Lebron James. Odenkirk's assistant brings him in, tell the group that she has "Lebron James on a tablet." James, of course, has a great idea: "Maybe I'll do a cameo on a tablet."

For once, Samsung left Apple fanboys alone. This was an expensive ad, though. Not only did they have four celebrities in the ad, the 120-second advertisement was directed by Jon Favreau (the "Iron Man" franchise).

Also, considering that the Wall Street Journal estimated that a single 30-second Super Bowl XLVII spot sells for about $3.8 million, up from $3.5 million in Super Bowl XLVI, the ad is worth about $15.2 million to CBS, and cost a lot more for Samsung.

How could the company do anything less for the Next Big Thing, though?

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