Monday, February 25, 2013

Samsung begins folding Bada into Tizen, with first handsets to ship in July, August

It's a done deal. On Monday, it was reported that Samsung has begun folding its own Bada platform into Tizen, the Linux-based OS that Samsung plans to release on multiple devices this year.

Tizen is the open source project that rose, Phoenix-like, from the ashes of Nokia and Intel's MeeGo. Bada, on the other hand, is Samsung's home-grown OS. Version 1.0 of Bada was released in 2010, with the version 1.0 SDK released on Aug. 10, 2010.

Hong Won-pyo, the president of Samsung's Media Solutions Center, said that once Tizen devices come out, the two platforms will merge. While, Tizen phones will be able to run apps designed for Bada devices, it won't be a two-way street. In addition, Bada phones won't be upgradable to Tizen, although we could see enterprising hackers of the type that placed Android on the HP TouchPad being able to come up with a solution.

Hong said:
Rather than seeing this as a straightforward merger, it's better to view it as a transition to a better service.
Hong added that Bada wasn't a good fit for modern smartphones, which is an interesting statement. Bada 2.0 added a number of enterprise-class features, and the look of Bada's UI was very similar to Samsung's Android devices.

Samsung sees Tizen as a way to further diversify its smartphone lineup. While the majority of its rise to the top of smartphones and cellphones globally can be attributed to Android, it is also a key partner of Microsoft's with regard to Windows Phone.

Speaking further of Tizen, though, also on Monday, it was revealed -- though not by a press release, but rather a leak -- that Samsung would release its first Tizen handsets in July or August. The Tizen Association is reportedly set to make the news official later this week at Mobile World Congress.

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