Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Predicktor' app humorously estimates a man's penis size, educates as well

A doctor launched a prediction app in the Android Google Play store on Thursday. The app, called "Predicktor," doesn't predict the future, unless you mean the future of your sexual pleasure. Instead, it uses a number of criteria, including sexual orientation, shoe size, finger length, buttock size and height to estimate a man’s penis size to a tenth of an inch.

The idea behind the $3.00 app is to reduce penile anxiety among men, or so says its creator, Dr. Chris Culligan. He said that a number of his patients felt that they had below-average penises, when in fact they did not. The term for this is "small penis syndrome, a type of body dysmorphic disorder.

Once the Predicktor has all the necessary input data, a user shakes the smartphone up and down -- humorously simulating male masturbation -- to get the results. The app, though, is not supposed to be taken seriously. Despite its tagline, "simple facts that predict his size," it's not designed to be an app women use to predict a man's size.

Instead, it's a novelty app, with additional educational functionality, as well. It is also supposed to alleviate male penile anxiety. The Google Play description says:
Use it alone.
Use it with friends.
For both men and women to use - see how each guy measures up?
Always have it on hand.

The Predicktor humorously predicts any man’s penis size by cross-referencing trends found in scientific data with personal stats like age, height and butt size.

Inspired by patients of all ages who express penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction, The Predicktor was created by a family physician to help men –- and women –- educate themselves on a prickly subject and have fun doing it! It leaves users smiling and knowing more, debunking harmful myths.

You can use The Predicktor to:
  • find out what physical attributes are truly related to penis size and which have no bearing whatsoever.
  • delve into the demographics of penis size, and see how you measure up to men from countries around the world.
  • find out what women really think about men’s genitalia -– not the locker room giggles but the scientific research.
  • learn more about why millions of men suffer from Small Penis Syndrome and get a reassuring answer to the burning question "Am I normal?"
The Predicktor was created to expose myths and relieve anxiety through fun calculations and education. This novelty app serves up little-known facts in an entertaining way, and The Predicktor uses science to show that the difference between one penis and another is smaller than you think!

Calculate. Compare. Relax.
For those wondering why sexual orientation is included as part of the input data, Culligan noted that studies, including data gathered by famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey, have found that gay men have longer -- and thicker -- penises than their heterosexual brethren. Gay men’s penises were a third of an inch longer on average, Kinsey reported.

“Gay pride just got a little prouder,” Culligan quipped.

Although the app is only in Google Play for now, Culligan said a version for Blackberry will be released later this month. He is also working with Apple to have the app made available through the App Store, but that might be a troublesome approval process given Apple's penchant for rejecting apps that cross over into anything sexual.

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