Friday, February 01, 2013

Motorola X-Phone outed by LinkedIn jobs post

Motorola has itself confirmed the Motorola X or X-Phone project, via a job listing that briefly appeared on LinkedIn. Reports of the post first appeared on Thursday.

The listing advertises for a senior director of product management for the X-Phone. The listing is now marked as "no longer active," but before it was taken down, it described the project as a "next-generation smartphone platform."

Those looking to apply, though, can find a similar listing on Motorola's Web site, indentical in nearly every way, except that references to the "X-Phone" and "next-generation smartphone platform" are redacted.

The ad says:
Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, is breaking through the barriers that separate people from the things they love. We're designing technology that connects seamlessly so consumers have the best content at their fingertips, every second of every day. TV, talk, text, email and web surfing - we're putting people at the center of it all. It's what we call a Motorola Powered future and we're making the devices that do more, so people can do more.
The device is supposed to be well under development, and Motorola / Google had better get a move on if they want to hire the senior director. It's rumored that the X-Phone will be showed off at Google I/O, which begins on May 15. The device is expected to carry a new version of Android, either a slightly newer version of Jelly Bean or even Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0).

Google has a history of giving out hardware at Google I/O, and a Motorola X-Phone would be a grand prize for developers.

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